Crude oil logistics

We understand the complexities of opportunities within Cushing, Oklahoma – the crude oil crossroads and nerve center of North America




Getka offers its customers advantaged logistical crude storage and blending solutions. Tanks are designed to maximize efficiencies, allowing for improved blending and optimized power costs. Our manifold systems are being expanded and developed for faster, cleaner movements with less interface.  Substantially lower-than-normal tank heels reduce customer “carry” on bottoms and improve operational efficiencies. Our storage hub, situated within the Cushing southern tank farm complex, will provide our customers with optimum pipeline connectivity to most of the Cushing marketplace.

Getka’s tanks are designed with our customers in mind.



Getka’s growing midstream infrastructure offers its customers direct access to terminals within the Cushing complex which connect to destinations beyond with a reach that extends from Canada to the US Gulf Coast. With connections in development to both in-bound and out-bound large diameter pipelines, our customers will soon have the option to move barrels from production in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Canada, to multiple refinery, trading and export markets. Various other transportation options are available or in development, including truck off-loading and rail optionality.


Getka’s connectivity options provide enhanced delivery for our customers.


Crude Optimization

Coordinated, cost-efficient and accurate crude blending capabilities are key to delivering value for our customers, and Getka’s infrastructure is carefully designed to accomplish these objectives. To further optimize services, Getka’s manifold systems are being expanded to move crude blends cleanly and rapidly with minimal interface.  We blend our customers’ blend stocks at their direction and, if requested, can verify quality of the final product with onsite lab support.

Getka’s infrastructure delivers better, faster, and more accurate blends to our customers.

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