Getka Energy

Whether you’re a North America producer, refiner or global marketer — you can rely on Getka Energy for market optionality through our storage, crude optimization, terminal and pipeline transportation solutions.

Based in Tulsa, Getka is focused on unique solutions that leverage technology, market relationships and asset expertise to offer the reach and optionality that customers value. Getka’s current efforts are focused on multiple basins and market hubs throughout the Midcontinent, including the market center at Cushing. Getka’s goal is to develop a hub-and-spoke platform of integrated assets that work together to create efficient access to drilling basins and expand market delivery and optionality.


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Dariusz Cichocki

President, CEO

Prior to leading the formation of Getka Energy in early 2018, Dariusz served Enbridge Energy as lead strategist for commercial tank and pipeline operations in the Midcontinent and Gulf Coast regions. During his three-year tenure with Enbridge, he assisted in managing more than 20 million barrels of commercial oil storage and several pipeline systems, delivering in excess of 850,000 barrels of various crude types per day to market. His work led Enbridge to experience a 250 percent increase in revenue in its business units throughout the Midcontinent region. Mr. Cichocki has had additional experience in crude by rail, focusing on market growth in North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields, national energy policy, biofuels, and technology development.

Mr. Cichocki has managed oil and gas activities for private equity in several business sectors in Europe and the Middle East.  Immediately prior to Getka Energy, Mr. Cichocki was the founder and managing director of Getka Energy Services LLC, an independent oil and gas consulting firm focused on global business development and market optimization in the energy sector.

In this capacity, he worked with the Lama Energy Group to develop the Wildhorse project, a greenfield terminal project located in Cushing, Oklahoma. Mr. Cichocki has also helped Lama develop long-haul pipe solutions and production options, with the intent to deliver U.S. production into markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Cichocki studied Arabic at the prestigious American University in Cairo and earned dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Psychology/Social Relations from the University of New England. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Global Affairs with a focus on Energy Policy from New York University. Mr. Cichocki has lived in Europe and Northern Africa and enjoys traveling to other parts of the world, getting to know (and learning from) other cultures. He now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his family. Proud of the amazing community he calls home, Mr. Cichocki often plays the ambassadorial role of attracting new businesses and talent to the city. His interests include spending time with his family, travel, reading, and working on cars.

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A new beginning.

Mar - '18

Getka founded

Tulsa, OK

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Aug - '18

Project Tortuga

Cushing, OK

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Getka founded

A need to improve customer optionality and efficiency within the mid-continent gave way for the beginnings of Getka. Our focus? Terminalling, commercial hub development and customer delivery optionality. As life would have it, four guys scattered in the Midwest all with the same vision collided serendipitously to form Getka in March of 2018. Each, well-versed in their own unique area of expertise, Getka Energy is the result of a foundation built upon a unique collective of experience in midstream. Four founders, one vision, Getka.

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a storage pipeline connects to a oil tank

Project Tortuga

Tortuga, named for being the strongest and safest Caribbean island port held by the Buccaneers in the mid-17th century, is a ~50-acre parcel located in the northwest corner of the Cushing south tank farm complex.  Phase 1 operations will begin in January 2019, with anticipated completion of Phase 2 by Q3 2020, which will include an expanded tank farm. Tortuga will serve as the Getka stronghold for its storage and throughput across infrastructure within Oklahoma and beyond.

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